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My name is Annee Angel.

With intuitive guidance, I offer help to provide clarity on how to ride the wave of emotions you may be experiencing,  as well as assisting you to identify new and positive ways in which you can cope better and find the happiness within yourself in order to move swiftly and with ease onto your next steps and purpose. 

I am a Psychic, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother and a friend to many and I love what I do. 

Being one in a long line of psychics from generations who have been blessed and gifted to help and inspire others. I am grateful to receive and experience this gift daily.

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I was drawn to the cosmopolitan port of Cape Town. Struck by the profound beauty that surrounds this magical and majestic place and so inspired and refreshed by the sea spray and mist off the mountains I decided my make this my home. 

Through my skills I have been providing guidance and support to clients from a young age on how to proceed on their personal journeys, to find clarity on how to transcend turbulent times and how to become even better and happier people moving forward with vigor and vitality - as it is meant to be. 

I can help you to find clear direction, overcome challenges, to make your best decisions and relieve anxiety and confusions so you can reconnect and experience harmony and balance once more.


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Rising to this challenge I have made myself available to my clients worldwide through telephonic readings from the comfort of their homes.


60 minute telephonic reading: R1 500

60 Minute Reading


30 minute telephonic reading: R750

30 Minute Reading


20 minute telephonic reading: R500

20 Minute Reading

With humanity going through this time of global disruption and transformation, my heart is with you.

With love and light,
Annee Angel

Client Reviews

"I met Annee by chance one morning many many years ago when I was on holioday in Cape Town 

and bumbling through the Waterfront. I had a reading with her which turned out to be so accurate 

as things happened over the next few months to a year that she stuck in my mind as being an exceptional 

Pyschic. And so began the start of annual chekin readings and a deep lifelomg friendship in which I hold 

her intuitive guidance in high regard. Annee is a true gem and genuine Psychic who I highly recommend." 



"A session with Annee is a unique experience or valuable information regarding one's 

career, relationship, money, health etc. Anee brings hope, isnpiration, calrity and 

encouragement with her direct and honest approach that is always aimed at assisting you 

for your highest good and done with warth, caring and loce." 


Cape Town

" I recently had a reading with Annee Angel, to get guidance on an issue I was struggling 

with. I found her insights refreshing and very practical. SHe has a way of unpacking the 

percieved issue, soyou can make an informed choice about how to put it all into practice 

once you have found the source of the issue. The information she shares, using her 

intuition, Tarot cards and life coaching strategies are up there with the best life coaches. 

All in all, I walked away from the experience a happier and wiser person for the 



Cape Town

"I just had a reading with Annee Angel. OMG I heard good things about her and was not 

disappointed... Talk about giving me clarity to a tough situation the woman is like an oracle.. 

really direct detailed and specific and also she is such an infectious spirit that I decided 

to have my follow up a tad earlier and get a little more clarity on certain things that were 

bugging me.. and she nailed it...Highly highly highly recommend - two thumbs up! "


Ireland UK

"What an amazing power house of a store this is. The range of crystals and Eastern 

goodies is not like anything I have seen before. It is really an uplifting epxperience and a 

shoppers delight, plusthe staff are so helpfull and lovely"